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Are you looking for a reputable web designer in Las Vegas? Welcome to ClickTechnica.

Our approach to web design is based on your business’s Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), customer data, analytics, and the principles of behavioral science. Here, we focus on conversion rate optimization where we help you create a website that turns traffic into customers.

Discover How Our Las Vegas Based Website Design Company Can Bring Your Business Goals to Reality

Aesthetics is key to any website design model. However, your website aesthetics doesn’t automatically guarantee that your website will perform better. With so many website themes out there, it has never been this easy to create a visually-appealing website. This is why our Las Vegas based website design service transcends beautiful design and aesthetics to focus more on aspects of your website that will increase SEO traffic and sales conversions.

Our Web Design is based on User & Competitor Research

We ensure your website design goes beyond just being visually appealing to stand out from the competition. By first gaining insight into what your target audience and competitive landscape entail, we can create a website that doesn’t only attract potential customers, but also elevates your digital presence to an unmatched level of excellence compared to your competitors.

A Website that Aligns with Your Business KPIs

Any design choice we make will align with your business Key performance indicators (KPIs) for an improved performance. Our goal is to make your website a strategic asset that helps you in achieving your business goals.

Search Engine Optimization at the Core

Need a Las Vegas web designer with SEO expertise? Here, we leave no stone unturned to ensure your website is search engine-optimized. Our design approach follows SEO rules and guidelines to improve your website’s ranking and visibility in search engine results. The end goal is an exponential rise in organic traffic and increased sales conversions.

Conversion Driven Web Copy

We believe aiming to increase sales conversions is a key factor in web design. Our Las Vegas web design team has been professionally trained to generate killer CRO copy that resonates with your target audience and drives them to take action on your website.

Sales Funnel Optimization

To streamline your customer’s journey, we take a deep dive into your sales funnel and employ sophisticated strategies to optimize your website’s pages. No matter if your traffic is from paid social, search ads, or SEO, our design process ensures an optimized and customized customer experience.

CRO Tool Installation

Here, we integrate Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) tools into your website to boost your website performance and conversion rates. These tools could range from Heatmaps, Google analytics, Website polls, ConvertBox and more!

Our Las Vegas Based Web Design Unlocks Your Potential

Do you want a Las Vegas web design agency to grow your business with you? You can trust ClickTechnica. We provide all prospective customers with a free marketing plan that contains custom solutions to your business’ challenges along with strategies to grow the business.
Here is a step-by-step plan on how we build your business website:

Phase 1

In-Depth Discovery

The first stage of our partnership with you is to understand your business and seek opportunities. In doing this, we leverage tools to understand user behaviors, obstacles, motives, and biases. Here’s the approach we take:

  • Business Overview Analysis
  • Website Usability Assessment
  • Target Audience Exploration
  • Competitive Landscape Analysis

Phase 2

Strategic Planning

At this stage, we make a strategic website strategy that aligns with your business KPIs. Here’s the approach we take:

  • Establishing Essential KPIs
  • Synchronizing Website Strategy with Your Marketing Funnel

Phase 3


At this stage, the direction of your new website for an overall-improved performance is created.

  • Website Structure Development
  • Navigation Framework
  • Conceptual Creative Approaches

Phase 4

Creation & Implementation

It’s action time! We turn the strategy into tangible designs, followed by launching test pages and finally, the full website.

  • Layout Blueprints
  • Detailed Page Design Prototypes
  • Mobile-Responsive Design
  • Design Decision Validation via Usability Testing
  • Launching Fully Functional Web Pages

And there you have it - Your new site: visually striking and optimized for success by a leading Vegas web design company. Interested? Reach out today.

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